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Aaladin Cleaning Systems:  Industrial/commercial steam cleaners and pressure washers, and parts washers.

Air Products and Controls, Inc.:  Duct mounted smoke detectors and accessories, and specialty controls.

American Granby:  Plumbing fittings, irrigation, pool, spa and water well service products.

Berner International Corporation:  Commercial/industrial air curtains, Posi-Flow fabric air ducts, and vinyl strip doors.

Delany Products:  Sensor activated faucets, urinal and water closet flush valves including sensor activated, sensor faucets and bedpan diverters.

Falls Filtration Technologies, Inc.:  Complete line of air and fluid filtration products.

Krueger:  Complete line of air distribution products consisting of VAV/CAV terminal units, diffusers, grilles and registers; critical room solutions and displacement ventilation.

Loren Cook Company:  Complete line of commercial and industrial fans, blowers and ventilation equipment.

Midland Chutes:  Centralized linen and rubbish chute systems, trash compactors, and UL "B" labeled fire-rated intake doors. 

Automated garbage chute recycling systems.

E. L. Mustee and Sons:  Shower stalls, bathtub and shower walls, laundry trays and tubs.

Parabond Pipe Cement Company:  PVC, CPVC, ABS solvent cements, primers and cleaners for plastic piping systems.


Pottorff / Dynasonics:  Manufacturers of commercial/industrial ceiling radiation dampers, fire/smoke dampers and standard volume control dampers.  Complete range of louvers (sand, wind driven, etc. ).  Full line of duct silencers, acoustical panels, enclosures and acoustical louvers.