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Available products include plumbing fittings, PVC-40 fittings, PVC and ABS/DWV fittings, CPVC fittings, plastic valves, galvanized and black malleable iron fittings and unions.

Specialty accessories for the irrigation, pool and spa, water filtration and sump, sewage and effluent water industries.

Complete range of valve, meter and utility containment devices for any commercial or residential installations where access is needed for controls which are recessed underground.  Catch basins, grates, polystyrene/PVC sewer fittings are also available.

Plumbing chemicals and specialty accessories consisting of wax toilet bowl gaskets, Teflon tapes, Teflon and regular pipe thread compounds, plumbers putty, caulks, soldering and abrasive supplies, and thread cutting oils.



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